Life Continues

This is now March 2021. Covid has turned the world upside down for everyone. There is hardly a soul on this earth that has not been affected by this crazy pandemic that has extremely over dramatized and controlled the fearful society of this day and age. It shows people’s fear of death and inability to deal with the risk of life.

Our youngest son has also now married but still attending our fellowship. Our fellowship has had it struggles. Our pains from the past make us all very sensitive in relationships. Some families have chosen to leave our fellowship to find better acceptance and freedom in other fellowships. Some have left in good will and we can still socialize as friends, others are in too much internal pain, choosing to withdraw in social life as well.

Kathryn and I are deeply disturbed by this and so are many in the church. So much that some simply quit attending our fellowship due to the tension and strife that erupted. I question why we as Christians cannot sit down together and in love reason with each other and agree to bless and embrace each other’s differences, but I sense the pain is too deep for some. We have mixed feelings. Part of us is relieved that most of the tension is removed, and yet we are hurting for the loss of dear friends. We struggle with fear for the future as the church seems to dwindle rather than grow. Yet in all this God has been extremely good in His providence for us spiritually and emotionally.

I marvel as I watch my teenage daughters bloom in a faith that I envy. They seem to be even stronger than us, despite the fact that they have no friends their age to fellowship with. They have thrown their extra time into deep devotion with the Lord and also in pursuing ministry work for the Lord. My youngest daughter is scheduled to leave for volunteer service at a children’s home in Jamaica, this summer.

Yesterday we had such a blessed sermon on the life in Christ that it was like the best aroma coming from the kitchen to the nose of a very hungry man. Walking this life with Christ is so hard for the flesh but so fulfilling and satisfying for the spirit. As we hunger and thirst He fills us so deeply.

May your life be blessed, may your search be rewarded and your weary hearts be strengthened on this life’s journey.

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